About FAD

Frank Anthony Davis is a touring professional Pickleball Player. In 2021 FAD announced a new partnership with Niupipo Pickleball  and is excited to work with them to bring Pickleball to new players. Frank co-founded PickleballByPros.com where he creates accessible training video and content for all level of players.
Frank was introduced to Pickleball by his best friend Bobby Kobylinski, a Physical Education Teacher who learned about Pickleball while in college at Rowan University. Frank ordered his first Pickleball paddle (made of wood) in November of 2011, and officially started playing Pickleball in early 2012. It was his time playing singles with Bobby exclusively for 2 years that first cultivated a love for the singles game that still drives him today.
Frank currently lives in Bridgeton, NJ with his wife Josie and two rescue dogs, where they work to restore their historic English Tudor style home built in 1931 in their spare time.



Personal Stats
 Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 155lbs
Birthday - August 11, 1988